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The Unlimited The Mini Kickstarter Power Solutions Design & Install

Hand-built Vacuum Tube Amplifiers, and Preamplifiers for the the discriminating music lover. Our designs are purely analogue, hand-wired, silver-soldered, and designed using modified Valve Technologies that have been around for the better part of a Century. Each unit is meticulously crafted using only the finest materials and vacuum tube circuits. My first designs have been in the field being used by audiophiles the world around since 2007. These are designed to compare to vacuum tube equipment costing several times more.
These portable systems are hand-crafted and designed based on my over 20 years in the field. They are built using only the best components available to give the user a truly outstanding audio experience! High-end speaker drivers, amplifiers, and power supply technology all combine to make these system perform like no other, and last for years!
Ever realize how important power is- especially once you lose it? Over the years I've encountered many situations where the power needed was not available, and I had to think outside of the box to overcome. Whether it's a rechargeable battery, solar-powered solution, or custom power supply requirement- I can build something that will fit the purpose. Check here periodically for updated products, as well - contact me through the "Design and Installation" link with any requests for a power solution you may need. I've designed and built everything from "Off the Grid" seasonal cabins, to custom amplifier power supplies. Without power...things simply don't work.
I've spent the greater part of the last 20 years installing Sound Systems, in both homes and commercial buildings. Everything from whole-house audio systems and Home Theater, to installing projectors in police stations and military training rooms, to installing 900 speakers for school P.A speaker purposes- I have learned how to conquer any obstacle when it comes to design and installation. Let us design and install your custom home theater, audio/video project for you. Layout for speakers and AV devices on your contractor's Blue Prints is also available. Contact us directly with details of the job for a quote.