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The Motherlode II

The Motherlode II


The Motherlode II features a 2 chassis design with a separate power supply with "twist-lock" umbilicals. The power supply employs a split toroidal power transformer, Hybrid bridge rectifier, all film capacitor filtering, 3 chokes (the latter provide additional channel isolation) Vishay wire-wound resistors and a 5U4G rectifier and (2) OD3 regulators and copper shielding housed in a Purpleheart chassis with Maple and Walnut accents. The preamplifier uses paralleled Vishay resistors throughout the tube signal path, Mogami internal wiring, a Khozmo remote volume controller, Miflex PIO coupling capacitors, tube isolation damper plates, a resistor-based output level control and Neutrik connectors in the same Purpleheart chassis.