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The Motherlode XL

The Motherlode XL


The Motherlode XL features a 2 chassis design with aseparate power supply with "twist-lock" umbilicals. The power supplyemploys a split toroidal power transformer, Hybrid bridge rectifier, all filmcapacitor filtering, 2 main chokes which help filter the B+, and then each channel is split to an additional choke and Clarity Cap film capacitors as the final component in each channel stage. Vishay wire-wound resistors and a 5U4G rectifier and (2) OD3 regulators and copper shielding round out the power supply. The preamplifier uses Takman carbon composition resistors throughout the tube signalpath, a Khozmo remote volume controller, upgraded Jupiter copper foil PIO coupling capacitors as the final output in each channel, tube isolation damper plates, a resistor-based output level control and Neutrik connectors in the same curly-maple chassis (Note: The Motherlode II purpleheart chassis can be substituted, please let me know at the time of ordering). Full compliment of tubes included (please inquire for selection). Balanced connections support the AES48 standard.