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Super 211 SET

Super 211 SET


My Super 211 SET amplifier was favorably reviewed by 6Moons and the reviewer could not say enough great things about it! I've revised the amplifier to maintain the same sonic excellence, while allowing for more power to be produced, an even lower noise floor and better reliability. Featuring a massive outboard power supply with no less than 6 independent transformers allows the amplifier to BREATH at full tilt while having three times the current headroom needed. Each section is overbuilt for a robust audio presentation. The front end is a 6SN7 capacitor coupled to an EL34 triode strapped driver, which then uses an interstage transformer to drive a 211 or 845 to full power output delivering up to 35 watts per channel continuously! This amplifier will drive any speaker rated 4-8 ohms with a sensitivity of 87 db or higher.