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Super KT 88 120 SE

Super KT 88 120 SE


The Super KT88 150 SE amplifier is an incredible platform for the "take no prisoners" audiophile seeking the level of musicality and texture that a true SET amplifier can deliver- while provided power reserves that most SET's are not capable of. The parts used are maximized for rich dynamics, ultra-low distortion and full-bodied harmonic content while retaining a "dead black" background between musical passages. A hybrid electrolytic/film-capacitor power supply section, Hybrid tube/SS rectifier section, 6SN7 or 6SL7 driver stage, and Audyn "True Copper" coupling capacitors all wired using point to point architecture allow this unit fine attention to musical detail with "bloom" and "meat on the bones" that typically are not met with this type of power reserve or flexibility. This amplifier can use EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150 tubes, as well as Triode-strapped (closest to a true SET sound), or Ultra-Linear mode (which effectively nearly doubles the power and tightens bass while extending frequency response). This amplifier provides a large and wide sound-stage that is accurate yet blooms with rich harmonics. It's essentially 2 amplifiers in one and can use any of 4 power tubes.