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Hand-built Vacuum Tube Amplifiers and Preamplifiers for the the discriminating music lover.

Tube Gear

Redesigned from the ground up! Now featuring an over-built outboard tube rectified and regulated power supply. Many updates to the circuit and componentry throughout to punch well above its weight class! NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • 1 Set of Stereo MM Phono inputs
  • 1 set of stereo line level outputs
  • true analog design
  • 100% point to point wired
  • (2) 12AX7's for RIAA correction and gain

Taking my KT88 120 single-ended Amplifier to the next level- this amplifier has many upgrades which combine to create a truly remarkable performer that provides more power and tube rolling options! NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • Single-ended design with switchable "Triode/UL" modes
  • Hybrid Tube/solid state rectifier system provides the stability of diodes with the smoothness of a tube rectifier
  • 6SN7 or 6SL7 driver stage in SRPP mode
  • EL34, KT88, KT120,KT150 compatibile
  • Audyn True Copper coupling capacitors

A massive SET amplifier using either the 211 or 845 transmitter triodes, producing 25/35 watts respectively with graceful overload characteristics well over 40 watts. This amplifier has been built to celebrate the true expression of these tubes in a no compromise design! NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • Input tubes: 6SN7 in SRPP mode
  • Driver tubes: EL34 in Triode mode
  • Power tubes: 211 or 845 transmitter tubes
  • Voltage regulator tubes: OC3
  • Damper diode tube: 6CG3

This completely redesigned push-pull amplifier is unlike any other available on the market. Able to utilize EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150 tubes to produce anything from 20 watts of Triode-strapped sound to 80 watts of ultra-linear power- these mono blocks are robustly over-built and can handle virtually any speaker with ease! NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • Compatible with EL34, KT88, KT120 and KT150 power tubes
  • Compatible with 6SN7 or 6SL7 input tubes
  • 6V6GT Cathodyne phase-splitter
  • Power output: 20-80 watts per channel RMS (dependent on tube & mode)
  • Variable negative feedback/damping

A complete re-design of my 2A3 stereo amplifier utilizing an outboard power supply with all film capacitors, an updated driver stage featuring a 6SL7, ultra-low noise floor and many other updated components throughout. NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • 6SL7 SRPP driver stage
  • DC filaments/heaters used throughout
  • Film capacitors used throughout
  • Choke filtering for the power and driver stages
  • Toroidal filament transformers for the 2A3s

The Motherlode II is my flagship line-stage preamplifier! Delivering an organic, yet extremely fast and transparent rendition of the audio signal using boutique parts throughout. Both 6SN7s and 6SL7s can be used in this model. NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • 6SN7 or 6SL7 compatible
  • Exclusive film capacitor power supply
  • Dual chokes
  • All toroidal transformers
  • Tube rectified using a 5U4. 5U4G or 5U4GB

Introducing the Super 6SN7 Linestage which includes many updates over the original Special 6SN7 linestage. An updated toroidal power supply transformer, Khozmo 64 step, relay based remote volume, Neutrik RCA connections, Miflex KPCU copper-foil coupling capacitors and a solid hard-wood enclosure present some of the changes made to this preamplifier! NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • Tube rectified and regulated power supply
  • Miflex KPCU copper-foil/paper in oil coupling capacitorsKhozmo 64 step relay based remove volume controller
  • DC coupled input stage fed to a low impedance cathode follower
  • gold-plated ceramic tubes sockets
  • gold-plated Neutrik RCA jacks

This Stereo push-pull amplifier has been designed from the ground up to give the closest sound to a SET while using a push-pull output stage. Fewer and higher end components provide a transparent 3D soundstage and "meat on the bones" midrange that only SET designs are known for. NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • Class "A" Push-Pull operation
  • Cathode "Auto-Bias" requires no adjustments and prevents Bias failure issues
  • 6SN7 input direct-coupled to 6SN7 LYP phase splitter
  • Toroid power transformer for low EMI
  • ALPS input and feedback potentiometers

This preamplifier is a "bang for the buck" performer, and features an ALPS remote volume control, tube rectified and regulated power supply, 4 sets of stereo inputs, 2 sets of outputs and variable output level for amplifier matching. Optimized for the use with 12BH7, 12AU7, 12AT7, 12AY7, and 12AX7.
NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • 4 sets of line level inputs
  • 2 sets of stereo outputs
  • ALPS motorized volume control
  • ALPS rear output level control
  • Neutrik RCA jacks throughout

This preamplifier has been re-designed using the same basic 6SN7 circuit as the Motherlode II, but at a bang for the buck price point. Several upgrades have been added that elevate the level of performance to that of much higher priced units. NOTE: Please use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • 100kohm input impedance
  • 300 ohm output impedance
  • fully adjustable 0-18 db of gain
  • ALPS remote volume control
  • generously oversized power supply transformer

An excellent sounding entry-level amplifier into the world of single-ended audio. that sounds anything but entry level! This auto-bias, single ended amplifier can be used as a power amplifier, or an integrated amplifier by changing the driver tubes, and can run a variety of power tubes in either triode or ultra-linear model at the flip of a switch.

  • Genalex Gold Lion KT88s (included)
  • JJ 12AU7 or 12AT7 included (power amp/integrated amp)
  • Triode/UL mode switchable
  • Jantzen Superior Z coupling capacitors
  • 4/8 ohm speaker output

This amplifier allows either a single 300B (SET) or parallel 300Bs (PSET) per channel capable of 9 or 18 watts per channel respectively via two switches on top of the amplifier which adjusts the filament current and bias points for the amplifier making it extremely flexible and capable of driving many more speakers than a standard SET amplifier! NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • 6SN7 input stage in SRPP mode
  • 6V6 driver stage in triode-strapped mode
  • 300B SET or PSET output stage
  • Audyn True Copper foil coupling capacitors
  • custom-made output transformers with silver lead out wires

My vision of the most pure and transparent platform for the 300B single-ended amplifier. This amplifier delivers the wide midrange that the 300B is famous for, while keeping an extended airy high end and maintaining a solid, deep and extended low end. NOTE: Use CONTACT US for ordering.

  • 6SN7 input stage in SRPP mode
  • 6V6 driver stage in triode-strapped mode
  • 300B single ended output stage
  • Audyn True Copper foil coupling capacitors
  • US made Transcendar output and interstage transformers